Tsai & Yoshikawa


Please forgive the deluge of imagery but I just got too click-happy. The images above are works by Hsiao-Chi Tsai, a native of Taiwan but now based in London. They are, would you believe, textiles! Gorgeous colors and patterns, no? I saw the patterns and went "wow!" but when I realized that they were actually textiles and she fashioned garments out of them, I was pretty blown away.

Her work is multi-dimensional too. Below is a maquette for a proposed project, I hope it gets realized, it looks like so much fun!


Anyway, I explored the site a bit more, and realized that two artists share the space. According to the site, Kimiya Yoshikawa is a long-time collaborator of hers -- his work looks equally amazing!


The first and bottom images are site-specific installation projects that immediately caught my eye. How fun (and perhaps a wee bit intimidating for me) to walk into an art piece with only your heads peeping out, and that then becomes part of the visuals?

The images in the middle are from his "Balloon Series". Maybe I'm just a sucker for balloons, but they are my favorite. I'm especially digging the one to the left -- the textural contrast between the architecture and the balloon piece is stunning, visible even in that teeny picture.

Happy exploring! I've got to rest my eyeballs now.

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