What is art about?

Yeah, on that, I'm still looking for answers :-) However, I do know that what it does do for me, today, is give my blue soul a bit of an uplift. Case in point -- Friederike Hamann, whose work is bringing the corners of my mouth north-wards.

via Come Darkness, a small exhibition of art pieces curated by Maria Vettese.


Hello, anybody out there?

This poor dead blog o' mine. But no eulogies for it yet as today, yes today!, it's getting a wee jolt of life. It's always so inspiring to see beauty originate from as humble a source as discarded envelopes and newspapers. And Kristiina Lahde's work is so inspiring that I felt I need to shout it out to the world from the top of the mountain (or, okay, from the seat of my chair via a blog). I *heart* her Envelope series.

link via Camilla Engman.

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