I'm tired of looking at my blog with all that blue text and no pretty images so I thought I'll share with you the image that's captured my heart recently, Zimmerlinde by
Wolfgang Tillmans. I love the juxtaposition (look at me using fancy art terms) of the flowers with the frosted glass, feels like I can get lost in daydream staring at that scene. Insert obligatory wistful sigh here :-)

Before I leave you, allow me to share a few links I came across today:

–-> This demonstration of the proper Japanese way to bow made me chuckle endlessly, heh heh.

–-> And while the Dog Poo Project is for a noble cause, there's still room for some humor. (Hard not to, given the subject matter I suppose)

–-> Lastly, I haven't tried any of the recipes, but I'm dying to. One of the things I find most frustrating about baking is having to assemble ingredients that I don't normally stock at home. This annoyance is followed closely by the near-impossibility of following instructions to recipes I found online that aren't accompanied by pictorial guidance. (I'm all thumbs and a total novice when it comes to all things baking). So while the mom in "mom it down" doesn't apply to me, her non-fuss style speaks VOLUMES to my inner baker. Itching to try her Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Mini Cheesecake. Wish me luck!

blog disclaimer:

Please be advised that a couple of archived posts could be considered adult in the sense that it shows nudity, albeit minimally and in an artistic sense.