By now, I'm sure everyone's heard of or checked out theSartorialist for daily fashion inspiration. It's listed as one of the more popular blogs on Bloglovin'. A new find (at least for me) is facehunter, I love the bemused expression of the guy in the left :-)


Lyndie Dourthe


The imagery on Lyndie Dourthe's site is stunning. A breath of fresh air for the wearied mind, indeed.

I'm feeling lame

I seem to be hitting that mark where it's getting harder to post. I've read in other newbies' blogs that some people experience this, so I feel good that I'm not the only one losing steam or direction. :-) But I do hope I find my footing soon...

Anyway, I read
eatdrinkonewoman's account of biking in NYC and it sure brought back memories. I wasn't a fervent biker, but I have to say that biking really is a great mode of transport and surprisingly fun. I should look into picking it up, it'd be good exercise, if for nothing else. The only deterrent would be the heat, since I'm in a tropical country. Cicak's not a fan of the sun. :-) 



The Lady's Murder by Eliza Frye

Eliza-Frye-Lady's Murder

Such a lovely find via La Coquette –- a beautifully illustrated story (and a dark one at that, my favorite kind!) by the tri-lingual (jealous!) Eliza Frye over at Narrative Magazine. You'll have to sign up in order to access the story, but that's a really small price to pay ;-D




Not having much money for interior decorating meant I had to get creative, which usually meant picking up pieces left on the sides of streets and refashioning them to suit my purpose. However, I soon found out that this kind of shabby not-so-chic way of decorating is my kind of aesthetics anyway. The living space feels like it can take some rough handling, inviting usage rather than having to be concerned with not breaking, scratching or denting anything :-)

Which is why the furniture from Nightwood is sitting well with me, the pieces look like they come with personality already.


Today marks the first time I've heard of the term "Upcycle" (see definition here), proving that I have been living under a large rock ;-p

Still, it's never to late to learn, and I'm enjoying "learning" over at Haute*Nature.




I've come across PostSecret a few times but was never quite taken with it. Today, however, the site took like a leech to nubile skin and I'm enjoying the revealing confessions of lives the world over. Okay, maybe just the English-speaking half.

The self-claimed community art project has participants anonymously mail handmade postcards revealing their inner-most secrets and the current week's mailings are posted online. What I find I'm appreciating most about the project is the anthropological aspect of it. Or is that just cover-up speak for voyeurism?


Eno Henze




Imagine being surrounded with these beautiful generative art by Berlin-based artist 
Eno Henze. I can just about swim in them all day.


Saul Steinberg


I've always enjoyed Saul Steinberg's illustrations in the New Yorker, his sense of humor is very pervasive and is always a refreshing break from some of the heavier reads. So you can bet your ass that if I were in London, I would make a beeline to this exhibition of his work at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Ends February 15th, 2009, which gives me two months to win the lotto.

Hanna Konola

I'm all sorts of in love with Hanna Konola's work. It's really speaking to me today, for some reason. I just spent the entire afternoon clicking on each and every link on her site, now I'm filled with happy thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings.

She's also one of the six featured artists on the latest publication of Lines & Shapes


Lulu Jewelry


I love how
Lulu Jewelry juxtaposes an object or image next to the jewelry pieces, the site alone is a jewel in my eyes. Yummers!



I thought I was the only one all weird about making connections with neighbours, turns out I'm more normal that I think :-D

Read about Carl Tashian's encounter with his neighbors from his blog here.



Hello again. A friend's visit provided an opportunity to be away from my digital couplings and I can't say it wasn't welcomed ;-)

This is late notice but I had to post about it. Even if you can't make a submission, perhaps you might find much-needed good cheer (the assumption is based solely from recent news of tumultuous times) by reading the ones already submitted. Booooooom and Design for Mankind are collaborating on a project entitled "Encouragement". 

Anyone can send in kind words (until Friday 5th) and I just submitted mine after having lunch with a friend who never fails to amaze me with her devotion to her family and loved ones. What's more moving about her story is that she is obviously not a saint but that she tries so hard to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and as good a person as she can be.

If you need a dose of "feel good"-ness, reading the submissions might help.

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