Hello again. A friend's visit provided an opportunity to be away from my digital couplings and I can't say it wasn't welcomed ;-)

This is late notice but I had to post about it. Even if you can't make a submission, perhaps you might find much-needed good cheer (the assumption is based solely from recent news of tumultuous times) by reading the ones already submitted. Booooooom and Design for Mankind are collaborating on a project entitled "Encouragement". 

Anyone can send in kind words (until Friday 5th) and I just submitted mine after having lunch with a friend who never fails to amaze me with her devotion to her family and loved ones. What's more moving about her story is that she is obviously not a saint but that she tries so hard to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and as good a person as she can be.

If you need a dose of "feel good"-ness, reading the submissions might help.

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