Mourning Objects by Anna Schwamborn

I've decided another posting is in order today, to commemorate the fact that I can see the green mountains peeking out from the haze :-)


Anna Schwamborn's Mourning Objects managed to stump me. For the first time in aeons, I find myself unable to process what I feel/think about something, which I am pleasantly surprised about. I had been finding it increasingly easy to have opinions on matters, which I equate to being in somewhat of a mental-growth rut. 

I think the idea of incorporating pieces of the body (think teeth, or even skulls) into something wearable has been around for ages. But they are usually restricted to remote tribes or primordial cultures (at least as far as I know, but then again, please be reminded that I've stressed before in this blog of how little I know). Anyway, this is the first imagery I've seen of human remains (her pieces include hair as well as cremated ashes) that borders high fashion. I mean, the jewelry actually look like items fashionistas could covet while flipping through Vogue or the likes.

Anyway, go to Dezeen to read about it and ogle at more images of the jewelry.

Ta for now!


Balloon Breakfast

This blog's been reading like a weather report lately, hasn't it, but I just can't help it. It rained last night, so while the view of the horizon is still obliterated by the cursed haze (can we come up with a more technical name for it already???), it's a lot more survivable today, it's cooler and there's even the occasional breeze. Calls for a celebration, no? Hence a posting today ;-p


The image above made me smile.

via ignant.



Via Buzzfeed, I found this information graphics showing Iran's political system by Nicolas Rapp. I kowtow to graphics that illustrate complexities with such simplicity and clarity. To me, haughty as it may sound, this exemplifies the purpose of good communication design.


Ugh, the murderous heat is making it impossible to be a properly functioning human being. It's 95 F, muggy and on top of that, hazy with pollutants in the air. That's not the whole story as to why there haven't been any updates. Truth is, I hit another bump where I just can't find anything worth the trouble to blog about. Not that there aren't some seriously good shit happening that excites me, it's just that nothing feels worthy when compared to what I have to go through to blog about it. The soap-melting heat (true story!) makes firing up the ol' computer a major-ass chore. First, all fans in the room have to be turned on and trained on the computer, then the electricity to the computer itself has to be turned on and finally a damp cloth for the underside where the battery is capable of getting so hot it causes the wooden table to give off a scent. Nothing seems worthy of this kind of strain, you know what I mean? Yea yea yea, I'm a complainer, I've heard that before :-)

So anyway, we got a bit of relief from the drought today, which makes it tolerable so here I am, explaining my absence with a chokeful of words. Also, got a couple of finds to share, the kind of things that gets me excited. Wordnik (a contemporary word dictionary, I love the idea behind it) and Fotopedia (an encyclopaedia of images). Hope you like 'em as much!


Panos 2013 at Lyon

Digging this collaborative street art - Panos 2013.


Sorry I'm Late

Loving this stop-motion animation! I'm a big big sucker for all kinds of stop-motion. 

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