Links I ❤

This is a compilation of sites that I enjoy. It's strange publishing the list as a post, but until Blogger comes up with static pages (ETA: that works properly!), this is the way to go.

Anyway, most of you probably know about these sites already, so here's a suggestion: when I go to someone's list of links, I play a pseudo game of roulette! I scroll up and down before clicking randomly at the spot I stop at. It usually makes for a pleasant surprise :-)

Also, the list is not alphabetized nor categorized, makes the roulette part more believable, yes?

Last updated: Aug 24, 2011

Note: Some links are crossed because the blogs are either no longer actively updated or updates are rare. Still, I really liked them and want to preserve a record of them here. Also, I check on them from time to time because they are worth it. Apologies if that makes for a somewhat messy list though.

blog disclaimer:

Please be advised that a couple of archived posts could be considered adult in the sense that it shows nudity, albeit minimally and in an artistic sense.