Cow Books

I don't know how successful I will be at finding a read from Cow Books (my taste in books usually run toward the more-pictures-less-words crowd), but I sure as hell would like to go give it a try, especially at their locale in Nakameguro, pictured. Doesn't it look dreamy?


Operation NICE

Can you tell? cicak's in a desperate mood for something nice to reaffirm will to live. I used to scoff at peeps who read Chicken Soup, but these days, I can see the appeal.

via A Little Hut.


First Language

How many of you out there agree with this definition of "First Language" from the site, SayJack.com?

"Your first language is the language you did no go through formal education to acquire, and it is usually the primary language you are using now. Notice that it may be different from your parents' first languages."

I'm having trouble with it because it's not holding true for me. My primary language, the language I'm most comfortable expressing myself in, for better or worse, is still English. And this is most apparent in the form of writing. There is case to be argued if we are referring to verbal skills, however. 

In my opinion, I express myself most easily when I can mix and match my words from the different cultures I grew up around, along with the help of hand gestures. Anyway, food for thought...

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