After many moons of unrelenting sun and heat, the rain is finally upon us. I find it really invigorating to hear raindrops tip-tapping on the roof. Hope you find these gems I turned up on my recent forage in the vast forest that is the Internet just as invigorating.

Check out Eben Goff's amazing body of work, I especially *heart* his monotypes. Shown above is one of his many beautiful prints. Totally swoon-worthy.

Also having some major hots for this eclectic collection of animal parts and object by Bob de Graaf (below), though it's probably not everybody's cup of tea.

A beautifully animated Japanese haiku entitled 化粧する花 by Izuru Aminaka. I don't read a lick of Japanese, but luckily for me, beauty transcends all earthly boundaries :-) Still, if anyone's up for translating, I'd be mightily grateful!

I dig show-and-tells detailing the process of how something is made or done. Here's an insight into how gorgeous washi paper is made. I found the link via Upon a Fold, a fantastic store of paper goods with an equally fantastic blog.

And lastly, making the rounds in the ol' blogsphere today, an illustrated guide to a Ph.D. Interesting food-for-thought?

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Please be advised that a couple of archived posts could be considered adult in the sense that it shows nudity, albeit minimally and in an artistic sense.