I'm not one to accessorize much, which I sometimes feel is a shame because there are so many little pieces that I see and admire and would indeed love, scratch that, yearn to have. Shingo Matsushita's pieces are an example of that. I love the fact that he uses crochet as a design element but instead of the result looking dowdy, the combination of materials (threads, pearl, leather) and color choices makes his pieces infinitely edgier (oh how I hate that word but you get the drift ;-p)

Two links I've been meaning to share: The Makers -- a photography project by Jennifer Causey that's glued me to the computer screen for the past couple of hours. I love sneak peeks into artiste's work places!

This next link has been on my to-share list for a while, but because I've remained conflicted about it, I never got around to it. Anyway, I've decided it's definitely worth posting about because, for what it's worth, I think it's thought-provoking :-) So here it is: New York City Garbage, its Flickr collection is worth a look at too.

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