I love rings. They are the one type of accessories I consistently love. I remember one of the first ones that I had bought when I was a teen. It was a chunky rose carved out of silver and soldered onto a half-round silver band. It looked huge on my then-scrawny fingers, and in fact, my cousin made fun of it :-) She wondered out loud if I wore it for self-defence purposes, hah! But no matter, I loved it and wore it every chance I got (which wasn't very many since national schools forbade ornamental adornment of any kind. And yes, even barrettes count as ornamental, can you imagine?)

All these reminiscing just to show you what caught my eye, Mirta's rings. For some inexplicable reason, I've always had an easier time finding chunkier-sized rings that look good on my fingers rather than the thin, wispy ones, which is what I love about the rings above. They look like they can be worn in polite society and yet have just enough idiosyncrasy to make them charming.

I also ❤ ❤ ❤ these pieces below, especially the necklace. She's got a lot of other lovelies at her etsy store.


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