I swear I'm not a shopaholic


If your first thoughts were along the lines of "Nature photography?", you would be mistaken. These are actually office products, produced by Appree of South Korea. Yup, I thought they were pretty cool, I would certainly love to have the gingko notepads around.


Also loving the tissue box with the tissue in flower-like folds. No seriously, as utilitarian as the regular ol' rectangular-shaped ones are, you gotta admit they are ugly mofos that add nothing to a room's decor, am I right? I'm just being persnickety, you say? Hmph, fine, I still say these are prettier to look at.


(via babyramen)

Another cool thing for you to check out (although I trust you'll have come across it since it's making the blog rounds -- it's that cool!) is Kelli Anderson's Paper Record Player. Essentially a wedding invite, she's designed it to showcase a song the bride and her groom wrote and sung together, basically by turning the paper invite into a playable record all on its own! Definitely one for the keeps huh? This isn't the first time her work has made the blog rounds either, I first came across her name when she produced wedding hankermaps (maps printed onto handkerchiefs) for another couple. An undeniably talented lady, that one is.

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