Have Coffee, Will Travel

Love travelling? Check.
Love coffee?
Love travelling to check out cool coffee places? Where do I sign up?

For us have-coffee-will-travel crowd, here's a
list of cities to best drink coffee in -- good for future reference! :-)

And in case you missed out on Berlin-based illustrator Christoph Niemann's hilarious piece on his addiction to coffee, I posted about it before here.

P/S: Still can't post like normal, beginning to suspect it's my ISP's scripts/settings for my mobile-as-modem connection. I had to resort to borrowing somebody else's dial-up (A dial-up! Of all things to consider reliable) to post. Is anyone else out there experiencing problems with their Celcom 3G network? 


Anonymous said...

Humf. There's no mention of where I get my white coffee fix.

cheeky.cicak said...

Unfortunately, the authentic version of the famous (and sinfully delish) Ipoh white coffee is only available in, well... Ipoh. It's an easy 3 hour bus/train ride from Kuala Lumpur, which in turn is an easy 19 hour flight from the hood. Is this Wednesday good for you? :-p

Anonymous said...

I still <3

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