Abandoned and loving it


Apropos to my attraction to photography of alleyways, I have a thing for shots of discarded, neglected or oft-overlooked subject matters. Which means that when I saw this during my web-troll*, I was quite excited. Thanks for posting about it, Free People!

While we're on the topic of abandonment (not really!), the blue hour (my fave blog of the moment) posted a link to abandoned houses in Iceland. And speaking of Iceland, you've seen this, yes?

*I can fortunately still go online, I just can't email or do anything blog-related. The irony, I'm afraid, is not lost on me. OMG, I can't believe it, I can actually upload image and save this as a draft! Hmm, now I'm confused as ever. I don't think I did anything differently, so did change come from the Celcom or the gmail/blogger end? More importantly, will it last?

Photograph by Kevin Bauman.

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