Art of the Lost Words


My love for words and my love for art is surpassed only by my love for the antiquated. So when I see an exhibit entitled "The Art of Lost Words", I am literally shaking in my seat with excitement.
Text/Gallery in London is exhibiting 47 works by artists, illustrators and designers that are inspired by the forgotten words. The exhibition ends March 9th, after which the works will be sold online with proceeds going to UK's National Literary Trust. For those of us who don't get to see the exhibit in person, it's a real treat that we get a peek through their online site - yippee!

They all look fantastic, but my faves are "Murklins" by Audrey Niffenegger (I'm a big fan of hers!), "Habroneme" by Johnson Banks and "Kexy" by Rama (above). Needless to say, I know n-o-n-e of the words, and am amazed how one would even begin to find out about them. For most words, it'd be difficult to start dropping them in daily conversations (wonder if that's how they became forgotten to begin with) but I have a feeling that I will be using inergetical a lot :-)

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