I. Ronni Kappos

While at Beklina's (see previous post), I also spied these beautiful necklace by I. Ronni Kappos. Accessories are tough for me, since I have a hard time pulling them off. But this feels understated yet bold at the same time, think I can just about manage it, wink.

It also reminds me of one of the few fashion accessories I lust over, a hand-embroidered corded necklace from Mia Zia, a label by Valerie Barkowski who works with natives of Marrakesh to hand produce the pieces. Sadly, I can't find an image of the necklace I saw in her store in Soho a few years ago, and her website isn't very helpful either. Wish I kept that booklet from her store. :-( Oh well, it shall live on in my memory…

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