Mociun Bauhaus T-shirt


My heart died a little knowing I can't afford this, and that no matter how hard I skimp, I won't be able to justify the purchase. No consolation at all can be found from the fact that I'm living a monk-like life of perpetual contemplation by choice (well, almost!), N-O-N-E. Flags are gonna be raised at half-mast around here, people. 

I can't bring myself to post where you can purchase this online, so you're just gonna have to google it yourself. Tough.

Alright, alright, I hate it when I'm being unkind. Beklina's the place to go. 

P/S: Again, I can't remember where I came across this. I even tried to retrace my steps but with no success. Owing more people karma, eeee...

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