Anne Maa Jewelry


There are quite a number of pieces on
Anne Maa's site that I heart, certainly more than I can display on my own ten fingers and the one neck (hmm, noticing that I never seem to pay attention to the ears, so why did I get them pierced?) but I'm going to do the polite thing and show just a few here. I'm thinking it's rude to rob all the attention from her, see?

What's surprising is that I'm really liking this necklace here, which isn't normally what I go for at all.


I've noticed of late that I like vintage or vintage-looking pieces. I'm never one to believe in regrets, but I've had trouble battling that lately thinking of all the clothes from the 70's that belonged to my mom that I told her to give away. It didn't cross my mind that I might one day want them for myself. I remember the moment clearly too, we were emptying the closet in the spare bedroom and she said that once the clothes are donated, there's no getting them back, and she warned me to be very sure of my decision. I hesitated for a second, a mere second, and practicality (oh, always the troublemaker, you practicality) won out. "I would have no space for them anyway", went the argument in my head. 

Hindsight, it's an ugly, ugly beast.

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