I can't claim to know much about world economy, it's a subject matter that eludes me. As such, it's hard to form intelligent opinions about things of that realm. However, I feel strongly that no good can come of the growing disparity between those who have and the ones who have not. 

Anyway, I feel ill qualified to even rant about that, so I'm not gonna bore you. I just wanted to share a byline that caught my eye when going through my news aggregator so you can share in my quiet indignation, or if you know something that I don't, to write and tell me to buzz off with my ill-prepared knowledge of world finances and such :-)

Contrary to what you might think, many of the world’s desperately poor do not live hand to mouth. They save to smooth out the roughest edges of existence, yet pay dearly for the privilege. (emphasis my own)

How's that, you ask? I know, I was curious myself. Actually still am, and going to read on to find out more. If you are too, here's the link that got me started.

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