Diversity in food

Anyone who has a genuine interest to learn about lives as led by others (yes, that means you, dear voyeur) would be pleased as pie (like I am) with these two finds:


You Are What You Eat, by Mark Menjivar -- a photographic exhibit of people's refrigerators. Pictured above is one belonging to documentary film makers who managed to raise a lot of moolah for kids in Uganda. (Boy o boy, do I miss those beers!)


What the World Eats -- a collection of images from the book Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio showing families from around the world and the food they consume in a week. I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into eye-opening projects like this. I love this one so much I can't decide which of the images to post :-)

via PSFK.

Update: A friend told me that the last link is old news, sorry if it is to you too. But it's new to me, and I think it's fab!

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