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BBC News is doing an interesting report on globalization by monitoring the journey of a shipping container, dubbed "The Box" as it goes from port to port carrying cargoes for a full year. The container is hooked up with a GPS transmitter so that its passage can be followed by readers online as well.

The journey only began on the 8th of September so there's quite a bit of days before we will know the full story. Meanwhile, the Box has been garnering its share of attention and I, for one, eagerly anticipates the full report, presumably in 2009.

My only gripe is that instead of editorial updates and background stories (well ok, there are a couple of these) so far, we have to make do with mostly videos, something I do not have the bandwidth for. Still, I'm very excited about the project as I've always been curious about the lives of shipping containers (go figure!), and can't wait to see more as the story develops.

You can read more about it

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