There are many cons to living in a third-world country. Although not of life-and-death significance, near (or dare I say "at!") the very top of the list has to the deplorable state of its internet service. For a country that continually shows off its intention of becoming technologically superb, it ought to be ashamed of how disgruntled the vast majority of internet service subscribers are.

:-( :-( :-(

Sorry for the rant, but it's been stressful trying to get online, and when I strike lucky, the line deteriorates so fast I hardly got to do much. What living thing on earth can put up with 30 kbps???? Anyhow, I've decided to not let it get to me, so this is a quick drop-in to bid you adieu until the line improves. Keeping my fingers crossed it'd be soon. I miss my lifeline. Hope you are having a better week...

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