Chris Jordan: An American Self-Portrait


Sobering images to go with sobering subject matters. Chris Jordan is an American artist who, in his series "Running the Numbers", uses a composite of photographs to show us the ugly side of statistics. How else could we visualize the two million plastic beverage bottles consumed in the U.S. every five minutes, or the 60,000 plastic bags used every second in America alone? A quick calculation later, that's over three million bags in a minute, and in an hour - gulp - just over 200 million used! How many end up in landfills, not really degrading back into the soil? Scary scary thoughts. 

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Top  Packing Peanuts, 2009, , 60" x 80"
Middle  Plastic Bottles, 2007, 60" x 120"
Bottom  Shipping Containers, 2007, 60" x 120"

(images from Chris Jordan's site)

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