A Tokyo Diary


I've always attempted to keep a sketch diary when I travel but y'all know what "attempted" suggests, right? Yup, it means the idea always ends up being that -- an idea. I would either be too tired from the day or too excited that I forget to spend time with my sketchbook. I invariably return home with a few measly doodles, no notes and a beat-me-up guilt complex that compels me to promise myself that I will be more diligent the next time I travel. But have y'all heard of the phrase, "yeah, right" before? Said in a disbelieving tone? Sorta like a scoff? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, this post isn't about me. It's about Amsterdam-based designer, Luis Mendo, who is successful in keeping a travel journal, and is reaping the rewards now. Pages after pages of keepsake from his time in Tokyo. Lucky for us, he's sharing it on the Internet.

link and image via Jean Snow.

P/S: Someone else who successfully sketched while in Japan, Kate Williamson.

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