Vertical Farming


Good, I found out about vertical farming and was promptly bowled over. I had been sufficiently alarmed (although it shouldn't take a genius to uncover that I'm a bit of an alarmist) after reading about the state of our soil (see post) and couldn't figure out why farming isn't a more appreciated profession, maybe someone should come up with a TV series that glamourizes the lifestyle? ;-P 

My grandfather used to work a piece of land by hand and I didn't understand how precious that was until it was much too late. I hope I don't have to point out how unforgivably shortsighted I was in that I didn't pay more attention to what he did, when he was still able and when he still owned that land. :-(

Anyway, back to vertical farming. I was bowled over because even though the concept sounds radical and sci-fi-ish to me, the possibilities are all sorts of amazing if it works. Imagine strolling over to the next block for fresh brinjals or tomatoes (my two favourite ingredients)! In fact, imagine claiming that your food came from a building as lovely as the one pictured above, which surely evokes bits of the Babylonian garden of lore. Click on the slideshow at NY Times to see more.

P/S: Treehugger has more to say on the matter of vertical farming.

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