S. Stein workbags

Hubba hubba!

My old bag looked like this
Project Bag by Sherry Stein except mine was more reminiscent of a garden-tools bag than it did a high-end carry-all like the one pictured above. ;-)

For the most part, I'm a one-bag kinda gal, since I love to bring even the kitchen sink when I'm out and about. I had to finally get rid of that old bag because it was rending into too many unrepairable pieces, but I sure as heck miss it. The S.Stein Project Bag would be right up my alley, although, I'll probably have to talk myself into the suede part. I did, however, notice that they do
special orders, so perhaps it's a matter of replacing the suede pockets with canvas? Below is a different bag, but I'm liking the color better.

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