Michelle Adams' Apartment


Have you ever played that game where you imagined yourself to be in another form? For instance, if you could be a dog, what kind of dog would you be? That was a prosaic version of the game. Now, to get interesting, if you were to be a type of cocktail, what sort of glassware will we need to be putting you in? ;-p

Well, believe it or not, I've NEVER played that game, 'cos I never found what-ifs to be that intriguing of a game. Or maybe I'm just not adventurous that way. Strangest thing, though, (and these always come unexpectedly, doesn't it?) happened when I saw this apartment on Design*Sponge. The thought just came to me, instantaneously, that if I were an apartment, I would be that apartment. 


So tell me, is it time to check in with a therapist when one identifies oneself with an apartment? Or am I just *special*? Please, don't be honest.

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