I woke up fresh as daisy after a night of dreaming that I was happily bobbing in a river admiring houseboats after houseboats that floated past me. No nervousness, nor anxiety, just a grin on my face. I've long acknowledged that I'm a bit of a voyeur who loves peeks into others' homes, so the dream was definitely a good one.

And where was I in the hours that preceded the dream, where I might have picked up such dream-worthy ideas?

Why, at the fabulous blog of stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk, of course and reading this.

P/S: Don't hate me for this, for the visit would most probably result in a serious bout of envy, but check out Pia's home, a houseboat in one of Amsterdam's canals, on Design*Sponge. Swoon-tastic!

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