Talking about green roofs

Seeing the roof on the California Academy of Sciences (see previous post) reminded me of Hundertwasser's belief that "everything situated horizontally in the open air belongs to nature".1 He was a huge advocate of grass roofs, arguing that they have "ecological, health and insulation advantages".2 If I ever find myself agreeing to the notion of land-ownership, and by extension, a house, I think green roofs would definitely be my architectural choice.

images of Waldspirale in Darmstadt found via NY Times via The Orange Commune and by Bockstark Knits on Flickr.

1 2 Hundertwasser KunstHausWien, (Taschen, 2002)

P/S: If green roofs are your passion, maybe you'd be interested in this kind of vacation. link via treehugger.

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